Wine – An Ancient Drink

Wine is a popular alcoholic drink founded around 6000 BC. It is made up of crushed grapes fermented with different types of yeast sometimes different types of grapes are also used. Yeast has the capability of converting grapes into an alcoholic compound by removing the sugar content. Sometimes wines are produced from different fruits and sometimes different cereals, flowers and vegetables.

A wide variety of fruits are used in the preparation wine. Some are; apricots, banana, blackcurrant, cherry, elderberry, leeches, mango, peach, pear, plum, pineapple, tomato, watermelon, kiwi and many such fruits. Flowers from which wines can be made are; elderflower, hibiscus, dandelion. Wines from vegetables include; carrot, potato, parsnip, ginger, rhubarb. Also, there are wines made from the sap of the respective trees.

Wines are classified into three major types, white wine, red wine and rosé wine. Wines are also classified depending upon the class of people preferring to buy the wine. Table wine, also known as Vin de Table in French, is used bought mostly by people from United States and the upper class people. Country wine also known as Vin de Pays in French as the name suggests is bought by people from the country or village though sometimes are drunk by people from the upper class.

A good wine can be detected by its color. The sweetness of a wine is determined by the amount of residual sugar in the wine after the fermentation process. Each wine bottle has an individual, distinguished taste. But some vintage wines are packed at the same time in order to provide a similar taste. Sometimes wine plays a pretty good role in business, hence making it an investment element. It is believed worldwide that France produces the best wine!

The champagne, a frizzy wine and the most favored type of wine, is produced from France. Wines are the most important beverage which is used in almost all parties and important functions. Wines are also used in cuisines, like stocks, braising, etc. They are also used in cooking since its acidity level provides to a rich taste to the food no matter the food be savory or sweet.

Consumption of excess alcohol paves way to diseases. Diseases such as liver problems, heart problems, blood disorder, etc. occur. But recent researches have shown that consumption of wine in minimum amount is actually good for health. Generally wines are packed in glass bottles with a cork to seal it.

Sometimes they are packed in cardboard boxes with plastic covering. Wines are easily perishable hence they have to be stored carefully and perfectly. When wine is stored somewhere above ground level, the place ought to be chosen with care with a climate controller to control the temperature and humidity, since these factors influence a lot in the fermentation process.

Storage has to be proper in order to obtain a good wine. An optimal temperature is recommended by experts. is formed by private communities where experts can share knowledge and discuss.

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