Rombauer Vineyards Are Beautiful, But Their Hospitality and Their Wine Are Simply Excellent

The American market is full of good wines these days. The Verdi wine in particular is offering a great taste and aroma to all the wine lovers all over the world. The quality and the consistence of the Verdi wine has given this wine the popularity in these few years. The American sparkling wine market is seeing a revolution these days and in the forefront is the Verdi Spumante. Some call it a sweet sparkling white wine beverage and some simply call it the white wine. This Verdi wine boasts to be the fastest growing sparkling white wine in US.

Verdi wine falls under the category of spumante and is low in alcohol, delicately sweet and slightly sparkling. If you do not know, a spumante is actually the genetic name for Italian sparkling wine. Some claim the spumante is older than Champagne, also a sparkling wine produced exclusively in the Champagne region of France. However, Verdi wine does not pop off as much as Champagne does. On the plus side, it has a reusable cap and so a Verdi spumante can be sealed tightly and kept in the refrigerator for later use. It will pop off next time you open the bottle, but not as much as it does the first time. The taste remains the same.

Use different Verdi wine with different dishes. Verdi Bosca Verdi Asti spumante for example goes well with what we call junk food as well as cheese and citrus fruits. Bruno Verdi Sangue di Giuda Paradiso on the other hand go well with meat. The last is the hallmark of Bruno Verdi. Although Antonio Verdi started growing grape vines along with corn and wheat on his farm almost seven generation ago, it was the third generation of the Verdi, Luigi who started making wine out of the grapes grown in the family’s farmland. Much later Bruno Verdi started bottling the wine and put his name on the label.

Before you delve into the taste of your favorite wine, make sure to know some thing about the history of the wine. Some wines have a great history and you will definitely like the old stories. So, where do you get to know the history of your favorite wines? Some may just prefer asking the bartender for all the details, whereas some may just browse the internet and get all the information they need. Most wines have a tradition associated with them. Most wine business are legacy businesses which are probably inherited by the fathers and the grand fathers.

The Rombauer family is one family that has dedicated their whole life producing one of the finest wines. To know more about the virtues of the Rombauer family, visit their website at On this website, you will be introduced to a whole new world of wine making. The Rombauer family is very well known all over the world and their wines have a very good distribution network. One very unique feature of the website is the wine club. This is a very good way of meeting wine lovers from various places.

You will be able to collect more such interesting tit bits if you visit their website. The family focuses on the wine as complement to good food and good friends and hence they have opened up what they call ‘Joy Of Wine’ club. If you become member of the club, you receive complementary tasting in the winery up to four people. There are no membership fees and you can opt out whenever you wish.

As expected the Rombauer has a variety of wine. Some of their finest wines are:

o Chardonnay – Carneros Chardonnay is made from a green skinned grapes also called chardonnay. This wine goes well with grilled salmon, chicken with mango salsa, seafood pasta etc.

o Joy – This wine is made from late harvest of chardonnay grapes. It is perfect dessert wine that goes well with sift cheese or vanilla ice cream

o Zinfandel – These are red grapes grown in California. Rombauer has a variety of wines made from it and they go well with duck, rack of lamb, pork tenderloin etc

o Merlot – Merlots too are a variety of red wine grapes and the wine has a medium body with a hint of berry, plum and currant. The Rombauer has a variety of wine made from merlot grapes.

o Port – It was a typically Portuguese sweet wine, but is now produced all over the world. It is one of the most popular verities of wine produced by the Rombauer.

If you are planning to visit the Rombauer Vineyards, you can be sure of a warm welcome by the elite customer care agents. If you are going to the Rombauer Vineyards in a larger group, which is six or more, then you will have to make a reservation. The scenic beauty of the Rombauer Vineyards is mesmerizing and will enchant you for a very long time even after leaving that place. At Rombauer Vineyards you can select from one or more f the following choices: Willamette Valley wine tours

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