Truly Traditional Berlin, Germany Events

There is quite a lot to see when you are visiting Berlin, Germany. When you visit this part of Germany, once separated from western Germany, you can enjoy many events. Many of the Berlin, Germany events take place in the various museums and concert halls that surround the city.

A great deal of Berlin, Germany events take place at Checkpoint Charlie, the site of the former Berlin Wall. Some of the Berlin, Germany events that you may want to enjoy include the Winter Wine Event, the Columbia-Halle exhibition concerts, the Outdoor Show at the Arena Glashaus and the annual German Film Festival at o2 World.

Winter Wine Event

Germany is home to many different types of wines and you can sample them all when you come to the Winter Wine Event that is held throughout February each year in Berlin. This is an all over event that takes place in clubs, restaurants, wineries and pubs throughout Berlin. If you want to sample the best of German wine, you should visit Berlin in February so that you can participate in the Winter Wine Event.

Columbia-Halle Exhibition

For music arts, you can enjoy the Columbia Halle exhibition hall. This is the center where many of the Berlin music events take place throughout the year. From popular singing groups and acts to local Berlin musicians, you can find it all when you visit the Columbia-Halle Exhibition Hall. There are concerts at this hall every weekend of the year so you are sure to catch something good when you visit Berlin. This is one part of Berlin that you do not want to miss.


The annual OctoberFest celebration takes place in Berlin throughout October and is a homage to beer as well as wine and other spirits. German dancing, music and culture is explored during this month throughout Berlin. You can enjoy parades, traditional German folk dancing and home brewed German beers when you visit Berlin during October. October is one of the liveliest months to visit Berlin.

Arena Glashaus Outdoor Show

If you are into the outdoors, you should check out the Arena Glashaus Outdoor Show. This is an outdoor area that is normally reserved for sports such as soccer, but each March hosts an outdoor show that features camping, hiking and motor equipment for the outdoors. If you want to see what you need to hike throughout the magnificent Black Forest, for example, you might want to visit the Arena Glashaus Outdoor Show. Entrümpelung Berlin

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