Cabo San Lucas for Your Next Tropical Holiday

If you’ve been working like a horse, it’s time to take a break. Yes, that old saying is always true. Everybody needs some recreation, and if you’re looking in the direction of beaches and a tropical paradise, Cabo San Lucas couldn’t be more perfect.

Where Is Cabo San Lucas?

Also known by its nickname, Cabo, Cabo San Lucas is found in Baja California Sur’s Mexican State right down south of the Baja California peninsula. Partnered with San Jose Del Cabo, it goes by the name of Los Cabos. Cabo is considered as one of Mexico’s five most popular destinations for tourists, especially for its sparkling beaches, seaside resort towns known as balnearios, vibrant aquatic life and scuba diving hotspots. You’ll also be awed by the long line of villas and smaller houses, both for private use and vacation rentals. The Los Cabos Corridor is now a particularly in-demand destination for holidaymakers, with its countless timeshare resorts laying along the border it shares with San Jose del Cabo.

Tourism in Cabo San Lucas

Indeed, Cabo San Lucas has become a big draw for tourists, not just for its fine, sunny weather and amazing coastlines, but also for its spa services. Fort Lauderdale of Mexico is another moniker it is famous for, especially among foreigners. Located here is the enigmatic local landmark, El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, which is a rock formation, made of granite erupting from under the sea at the point where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. The town is also the site of the world’s most elite marlin tournament, and is a perfect place to marvel at whales. These waterborne mammals are known to deliver their off-spring in the temperate waters of Sea of Cortez’ after migration from Siberia and Alaska. The development of the town’s tourism industry began when the Mexican government improved local infrastructure, thus converting it into a major tourist spot in 1974.

Activities in Cabo San Lucas

Aside from drowning yourself in the beauty of Cabo San Lucas’ coastlines, there are plenty of things you can do to make your holiday more memorable. If parties are part of your itinerary, Cabo Wabo is a perfect choice. It is a huge area populated by bars and spectacular band performances. If you are looking to spend more time with nature, jump into one of those modes-sized fishing boats known as “panga” and sail towards the El Arco. Otherwise, a fine dining experience at Mi Casa also makes for a great way to create memories in Cabo. Mi Casa is where you go if you want a taste of authentic Mexican dishes with some fanfare and extravagance. Or you can head to Zippers Surfing, although you need to be quite experienced as a surfer to be able to enjoy it. If you’re a newbie, you can still enjoy your time watching all those veterans display their surfing antics. cabo boat rentals

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