The Katana Sword

The Katana is the main sword of the Japanese warrior, it’s usually used in martial arts like Kendo. The Katana is a long sword that has a curved blade and a short handle, usually made from wood or leather. The name ‘katana’ comes from the Japanese term kata (“one side, one-sided”) and na (“blade”). The katana was the sword of choice for many Samurai in the 15th and 16th centuries in Japan.

To make a katana, a swordsmith would start with high-quality steel known as tamahagane. The steel was heated in a clay furnace and hammered, folded and welded several times to create a layered impression in the metal. The smith also created the blade’s handle by cutting and shaping wood.

Traditional katanas often feature a wave-like appearance called Hamon down the length of the blade. This is the result of a process known as differential quenching, in which a thicker layer of rigid steel forms along the edge while a thinner, more elastic spine exists closer to the body of the blade.

The blade of a katana has an extremely important shape, and the swordsmith must pay close attention to details such as whether the tip is long (okissaki), medium (chukissaki), or hooked backwards (ikuri-okissaki). Other crucial factors include how the blade is bent or tempered, the width and depth of the notch at the base of the blade known as the kissaki, and the shape of the blade’s tang. buy a katana here

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