Indianapolis Housekeepers

Indianapolis housekeepers are known for delivering top-quality cleaning services to households in the city and surrounding neighborhoods. They work hard to ensure that their clients’ homes are clean and sanitary. Their job responsibilities include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and washing dishes. Some cleaners may also do laundry and grocery shopping, or provide other specialized services upon request. When hiring a housekeeper, be sure to be clear about the specific tasks you want them to do in your home. For example, “clean the carpets” is a vague term; be more specific by asking them to remove stains or steam the floor.

Live-in housekeepers are usually employed by one family and work about eight hours a day, although the exact schedule can vary. They live in a private room within the home and are paid a fixed salary each month. They usually have other household duties, such as cooking and caring for pets, but they are not expected to do any chores that are outside of their scope of responsibilities.

As the racing capital of the US, Indianapolis is a vibrant and diverse city with many historic and modern neighborhoods. HSS serves the area with a wide range of staffing solutions, including contract staffing, full outsourcing solutions, and direct hire. Whether you live in a historic neighborhood near Monument Circle or the suburbs with its tree-lined streets, our local maids are familiar with the city’s unique needs and can help keep your home clean and comfortable.

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