Why You Need An Online Dating Photographer

Online dating photographer help people to create great looking photos for their online profiles. The photos they take show the person as they really are, rather than a filtered, airbrushed or manipulated version of themselves. This is important because it is often difficult for potential dates to meet face to face, so they have to rely on the photos they see to judge whether or not they want to connect with someone. This is where working with a professional online dating photographer can make all the difference.

Whether you’re using Tinder, Hinge, Bumble or another dating app, your profile photo is the first thing a new prospect will see. It’s essential that it reflects the real you, shows your personality and makes them want to connect with you. A good online dating photographer can ensure you’re framed well and the lighting is flattering and natural. They’ll also be able to coach you to pose in ways that bring out your best features, for example shooting women from slightly above to make their eyes look bigger and showing men from below to emphasise their masculinity.

A full body shot is also very important and should be included in your online dating photos. This allows potential matches to see your body shape and proportions, as well as allowing them to gauge whether or not they’re attracted to you. It’s also a good idea to include a couple of lifestyle shots, where you can show off your interests and hobbies.

Before Hey Saturday, the vast majority of photos used on dating apps were not taken specifically for this purpose and were often holiday snaps, wedding photos, work photos or drunken party photos. Saskia Nelson, founder of Hey Saturday saw this gap in the market and set up her business to create a niche photography business taking cool profile photos for people’s online dating profiles.

The majority of potential dates will see your headshot on your dating profile, so it’s important that this reflects the real you. A good online dating photographer will be able to direct you to frame your headshot in a way that’s flattering and shows off your best features, as well as coaching you on how to pose to naturally highlight your smile. They’ll also be able to use subtle editing to flatter your skin tone, soften lines around the mouth and eyes and remove small blemishes.

It’s very easy for people to hide behind a computer screen but working with a professional online dating photographer will ensure you’re framed in the most flattering way possible and that your personality shines through. It’s also much easier for a person to meet people who they feel are a good match when they have attractive and authentic photos on their profile. In fact, a study by Photofeeler found that smiling in your headshot increases the number of swipes you receive on Tinder. So don’t leave your online dating success to chance and contact a professional photographer for a fun, relaxed and successful shoot.

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