Why You Must Go for Handcrafted and Spinner Rings

Rings are among the most valuable jewelry pieces. These ornaments have been around for quite some time. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, several thousand years ago used this jewelry in adorning themselves. Today, rings are popular all over the world. People of different races and status in life wear rings of different styles, materials, and designs. They wear it for different purposes. In marriage, for instance, bands symbolize eternal love between the couple.

Spinner rings are among the latest favorites in the industry of fashion jewelry. Though they have been used in the previous decades, these types of ring have only recently become famous globally.

What are spinner rings?

This type of ring is unique because of the presence of an outer band that you can spin around the inner ring. Most spinner rings are made from silver because of the material’s beauty. Most importantly, silver can withstand the wear and tear of spinning better than other softer metals like gold.

They come in various design such as twisted braids, Celtic braids or knots, ropes, tile and brick designs. Spinner rings may also come in smooth surface without any engraved patterns. Some rings feature designs such as astrological and Christian symbols. Some manufacturers allow customization of rings. You can engrave words, a message, your name or of someone special to you.

Several studies found out that spinning this ring repeatedly helps calm the mind. Wearing and spinning these rings can reduce the levels of tension and anxiety during stressful situations. This is why some people call them prayer rings, worry rings, and anxiety rings. They are useful for meditation. The mind becomes more focused while the fingers of the person are occupied in spinning the outer portion of the band.

What are handcrafted rings?

Handmade rings are also in-demand today. They are unique and attractive so people buy and use them as wedding bands. Braiding is one of the most common techniques in producing designs for the handcrafted band. The ring maker does this by braiding together different metals like platinum and yellow gold. Tight braids make the Celtic design. Basket weave is also a common choice among braided rings. Such designs often come with beaded or beveled edging techniques. Handmade bands may also include religious designs such as crosses and Hebrew prayers.

This type of ring accessory helps you express your style and personality. Choosing from a wide variety of options can be challenging. You must think about several things when choosing your handcrafted ring.

It is important to consider how often you want to wear your accessory. Choose simple designs when you want it for everyday use. Go for those with intricate designs when you wear it only for special occasions. You may choose rings with different gemstones to match your personality and your dress for the event. Think about the size of your finger as well. A beautiful design will not work if the band does not fit your finger. Ringsmaker

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