What Is Special About Car Pressure Washers?

Car pressure washers are different than other machines. These are not like other pressure wash systems. The vehicle surfaces are delicate, so pressure cleaner systems with a specific pressure level are used for the cleaning purpose.

Why car pressure washers are special?
The surfaces of automobiles vary a great deal in hardness and make. The external body is made of metals that are hard and engine parts are even harder. On the other hand, windshield glasses are hard, but brittle. The dash board and other interior parts are sort of semi-hard surfaces. Seat upholstery and mats can be classified as soft surfaces.

Ordinary pressure wash systems are used for cleaning hard surfaces. These machines pump their high pressure output on to hard surfaces to wash away dirt and impurities from the surfaces. The output pressure of these machines varies up to 8000 psi, which is for cold water systems.

A similar approach may not work for vehicle surfaces. For instance, if you pump high pressure output on to the vehicle body, it might result in paint damage.

So, car pressure washers have to be different from other types of pressure washing machines. The differences are as follows:

Output pressure
The first and foremost difference is in output pressure. For most other cleaning tasks, you would require a machine with as a high output pressure as possible. For cleaning automobiles, there has to be some constraint for the output pressure for the safety of some of the parts of vehicle.

The output pressure of car pressure washers should not exceed 1500 psi. If a machine with higher output pressure is used for cleaning, it might result in the paint damage.

Flow rate
The second consideration of car detailing pressure wash systems is flow rate. The flow rate is the measure of quantity of the output transferred on to the surface per minute. It is measured in gpm (gallons per minute).

The flow rate of car detailing pressure wash systems should be as low as possible. There are power washers available with as low a flow rate as 0.5 gpm. The flow rate for mobile car wash equipment can be up to 3 gpm. The reason for the use of low flow mobile car wash equipment is related to the fact higher flow rates result in hot water hitting the ground, resulting in a greater need for drainage or recovery.

Output temperature
The two other factors that set car detailing equipment apart from other machines are output temperature and mobility. Any auto detailing equipment, not just pressure wash systems, should have a reasonably high output temperature. It helps to speed up the cleaning process.

There are specially-made mobile car wash equipment available on the market. These steam car wash pressure wash systems offer wet steam temperatures of up to 250°F, depending upon the model.

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