Voice-Overs – What is a Voice-Over?

Whether you are looking to make your mark as a voice actor or simply want to add a professional edge to your work, we have the voice you’re looking for. Our wide range of voice-overs includes Web Explainers, Social Media, TV & Radio Ads, Corporate Productions, Narration, ESOL Content, E-Learning and Animations. We also offer Phone Prompts & IVR, Video Audio & narration as well as Podcast audio.

What is a Voice-Over?
A voice-over is a piece of audio that has been added to a film, television, or other presentation, typically as part of a script. The purpose is to provide a narrator or a character with a distinct and differentiated personality. It can be used to retell a story or present information, and is often used as an alternative to traditional dialogue or to enhance dialogue in films that have been translated into different languages.

Some of the most famous examples of voice-overs can be found in movie trailers, where a narrator provides a summary of the plot to attract audience interest. Other examples include narration in documentaries – Sir David Attenborough and Morgan Freeman are perhaps two of the most popular narrators of this type of work – or in the audiobooks that we listen to.

Voice acting is a varied and challenging profession. It requires versatility and adaptability to perform many types of work, from short 20-second commercials to long form dramas. While some voice actors are known as all-rounders, others choose to specialise in a particular area and are considered experts in their field. voiceovers.uk

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