Video Editor SDK

Adding powerful video editing tools to your app is an easy way to improve user engagement and adoption. Using an in-app editor lets users make their own content with simple, intuitive controls. Streamlining the user experience helps free up your engineering team for innovation and accelerated release cycles.

Easily integrate video editing into your application by creating custom UI that matches your look and feel. Enhance UI with photo and video effects, stickers, filters and animations to create a compelling and immersive experience for users.

ComVideoKit SDK is a powerful video editing API that allows developers to add video editing to their apps without restrictions on UI. Integrated to your travel business, hotel booking or e-commerce applications, this video editing API provides users with the power to create their own travel itinerary videos including flights, hotels, local attractions and prices.

Video editing is a key component to building engaging visual experiences that win traveler loyalty. By integrating an in-app video editor to your travel business, you can increase the number of bookings and boost application engagement with personalized videos.

Quickly and easily create stylish, professional-looking videos in minutes with Picsart’s intuitive video editor! Millions of photos, templates, stickers and other content are available to get you started.

Upload your own images or use ours to create an impressive video. You can also change the background, color, and animations to give your videos a unique style.

VidLab is an easy-to-use mobile video editor with tons of creative effects and transitions. It’s ideal for everyone from beginners to professionals who want to create stunning videos.

Editing is quick and simple, with intuitive controls that let you add text, overlays, music, and more. Paid premium features like chroma and PIP, mosaic, and keyframe animation are included for extra polish.

The latest version of our editor includes support for end-to-end color management by OpenColorIO, allowing you to match footage from multiple cameras.

Olive 0.2 is a powerful node-based compositing tool that gives you control over how your content is rendered. With node editing, you can connect any object to other objects and create almost any effect.

Crop, skew and rotate your photos and video to adjust perspective, or create a new one. Save your favorite edits as a recipe and recreate them again.

Video Editor Module

Our video editing module allows you to process your videos by dragging and dropping them to tracks and splitting, merging or resizing them. Besides, it also features rich built-in static stickers and a huge variety of video effects, which are all customizable.

Drag and drop images or video files to the Video Editor to enhance your videos with beautiful, animated effects. You can also import a photo or video to make a slideshow with audio and subtitles.

Share your edited videos with a single click to social media and other platforms. It’s fast, easy and doesn’t leave watermarks.

Lexiu Video Editor is the perfect tool for vloggers and photographers who want to edit their own mobile micro-videos. It’s quick and simple and requires no previous editing experience to use. Meicam alternatives

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