Various Types of Dietary Supplements Available In the Market

Most of these dietary supplement pills are offered as the over the counter drugs at your neighborhood drugstore,

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 health food store and even in the supermarket. What exactly are these dietary supplements and do they actually work?

Bitter orange is a dietary supplement that increases the amount of calories that people burn when they consume the dietary supplements combined with a regular exercise schedule. Many people refer this dietary supplement as a replacement of ephedra and also believe that it might cause the similar side effects. Chitosan is another dietary supplement which prevents the absorption of the various dietary fats. Many people believe that this particular dietary supplement is comparatively safe to consume, but will not cause a considerable loss in weight. The consumption of this dietary supplement may cause a few side effects as well and they are bloating, some stomach problems and constipation.

There is another dietary supplement which is known as chromium, and it is able to reduce the fat of the body and is also useful in building the muscles. This dietary supplement is just like another supplement known as Chitosan, the only difference between the two is that Chitosan will not cause a considerable loss in weight; however it is comparatively safe to consume. Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is commonly known as CLA is another type of dietary supplement that reduces the body fat by decreasing your daily appetite and it also helps in building the muscles. CLA supplement will reduce the body fat and will build the muscles but possibly won’t reduce the total weight of your body. And moreover the frequent consumption of this CLA supplement may cause indigestion, many other abdomen related problems and diarrhea.

Heartleaf which is also referred to as country mallow is a dietary supplement that reduces your daily appetite and in turn is able to increase the number of calories that you burn. Country mallow or heartleaf whatever you may like to call it, contain the traces of ephedra, which is an awfully dangerous dietary supplement. Ephedra dietary supplement is absolutely unsafe to consume and it should not be consumed at any cost, however it is still available in the markets. Zaza Red 24Ct

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