Tomatensosse – Taidekeskustelussa

Tomatensosse – taidekeskustelussa

Taidekeskustelussa (toma) is the word used to refer to the part of a plant or tree that has leaves, stems and fruit. It is a common plant that can grow in the countryside and also in rice fields.

It is a very popular ingredient in traditional medicine. It is very good for your digestive system and has anti-inflammatory properties that can help you with indigestion, stomach problems and also headaches. It also has anti-oxidant effects that can help fight against free radicals.

The berry of the tomatillo contains small amounts of antioxidant vitamins such as vitamin-A, C and E. It is also rich in flavonoids such as ss-carotene, zeaxanthin and lutein which are great for eye health. These substances are also important for maintaining the integrity of the mucosa and skin.

Besides, it is a rich source of potassium and magnesium which can help regulate blood pressure. It can also be used to relieve bronchitis and asthma because it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Another popular application of tomatillos is as an antidote for blood deficiency or anemia. To treat it, cook the stems of tomatillos fruit in a pot of water. Then drink the potion while warm three times a day.

The plant is also a natural remedy for vertigo. To do so, boil the whole tomatillos plants including leaves, fruits and stems in enough water until it is completely boiled. Then strain it and drink the resulting potion. You can also mix this herb with a little honey or sugar for sweetness. Tomatensoße

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