The tretinoin ointment cure acne

many patients were smearing this ointment to face in the morning,

The tretinoin ointment cure acne Articles

 some patients even smear three times a day, did not according to the instructions on the method and dose, it often cause adverse reactions. Tretinoin manufacturer remind patients with acne, retinoic acid ointment should wipe at night.

Acne, also known as “whelk”, is a chronic inflammation of a sebaceous hair follicles, occur in the active parts sebaceous glands, such as the face, chest, back. Showed a variety of damage, such as acne, inflammatory papules, pustules, nodules, cysts and scar. Retinoic acid ointment is a topical preparation, different pharmaceutical manufacturers produce are different in ingredients, but the main ingredient of this drug is all-trans retinoic acid A melting horny induced epidermal hyperplasia, through swap hair follicles sebaceous gland epithelial keratinization the abnormalities process to exfoliate, and thus play a role to prevent and eliminate acne. Tretinoin is used to treat acne, psoriasis, ichthyosis, lichen planus, palm toe keratosis psychosis keratinizing diseases. Also used as cosmetics material, have a good effect on acne skin. Applied twice daily concentration of retinoic acid ointment in the treatment of facial acne, each painting should be less than 0.05% is appropriate, do not use during the day, because of retinoic acid have stimulating effect on the skin, if applied to the skin surface during the day, faces is easy to cause erythema, burning sensation, and by the sunlight shining is prone to pigmentation, this reaction is increased with the increase of the concentration of drug, therefore, retinoic acid ointment in the treatment of facial acne, do not use during the day, should be used at evening or bedtime (if the stimulation is too strong then use every other day). It should be noted that at the beginning of using, there will be some slight irritation, the skin always can adapt it and resist, the stimulation phenomenon is also a drug effect, is a normal phenomenon, may gradually fade away over a period of time, if the stimulus persists or worsen, please under the guidance of a doctor or suspend the use of it. While using tretinoin ointment do not use other drugs, avoid strong stimulation. Some patients use retinoic acid ointment in the treatment of acne, it will aggravate skin lesions at the begainning, but there will be better after 3-4 weeks, so don’t be afraid.

In order to prevent the growth of acne effectively, you should pay attention to the daily lives. Eat less animal fat, high-sugar, spicy, fried food, less drink liquor, coffee and other stimulating drinks, eat more alkaline vegetables, fruits, and the usual food, usually the water to maintain good gastrointestinal function. Learn to self-conditioning. Cleaning the skin regularly, commonly used warm water containing sulfur or other anti-inflammatory substances fat soap wash the affected area, do not use too irritating soap and oily cosmetics. Not use hand to pull or squeeze of acne, aggravate acne skin vulnerable to infection due to dirt on the hair and bacteria on the hands, and squeeze of acne can cause permanent pitting scars, leaving life-long regret. Maintain optimism. Recurrence or worsening of acne is often associated with mood swings, usually should emphasize the need to maintain a stable mood, relax, eliminate stress, anxiety, worry, and to ensure adequate rest and sleep. Also can take a walk, listening to music, swimming to reduce the psychological pressure, to eliminate acne as soon as possible. Do more substantial movement to accelerate blood circulation, promote the body’s waste excreted timely, so that the skin in the process of constantly sweating pores unobstructed, then promptly cleaned. tretinoin vs retinol

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