The Benefits of an Off Line Cooling System

Idle systems are prime targets for corrosion and fouling problems due to the accumulation of problem-causing microbiological growth. This can lead to high head pressures, electricity costs and cooling system shutdown when they are brought back into service. To prevent these problems, it is important to drain your cooling system and store it completely dry when it is not in use.

An off line cooling system is a great way to increase your machining efficiency and accuracy while saving 90% of eletricity costs. It uses less energy than a traditional air cooled system, so it is also environmentally friendly. In addition, you don’t have to change the original cirtuit of your machine since these systems can be installed in an existing machine or in a new space without affecting mechanical action.

These systems include an oil pump that suctions hydraulic / gear / mineral oils from the tank or sump, and passes them through a fluid cooler to cool it before returning it to the oil tank. They are designed for use in systems that experience variations in pressure and flow rates such as CNC machines, hydraulic presses, injection molding and gear boxes.

The system can be operated in either closed or open circuit with water or chemical additives. It is ideal for applications where the cooling fluid temperature may rise above or drop below ambient temperature, such as a high altitude environment. The system is also available in a compact, portable version that can be easily moved around the facility for convenience.

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