Should I Get an Edwardian Conservatory

There are a variety different conservatory types from Gazebo and Victorian to Georgian and Edwardian conservatories.


Victorian conservatories are characterised by a 5 sided structure and an apex roof. Victorian conservatories have become one of the most popular choices in recent years with designers accurately reproducing their architectural style for their modern counterparts.

There are a few different types of Victorian conservatory:

Victorian 3 Facet allows for maximum space due to its wide angles and features 3 windows.

5 Facet – is characterised by a classic period profile with a rounded appearance and contains five windows on the bay front There is type of conservatory gives classic appearance combined with a large special area.

Gazebo conservatories usually feature a small roof, providing plenty of shading and are ideal resting places. The design also features an ornamental garden pavilion which will allow plenty of light and ventilation.

Georgian Age
These types of conservatories usually have a rectangular or square symmetrical design and feature a flat front. Along with Edwardian conservatories, they contain less pronounced lines then the Victorian style.These conservatories are ideal for letting in plenty of light and air due to their sloping roof which also produces a spectacular vaulted effect.

Georgian conservatories were originally used to protect and store plants from the harsh winters during the 18th century. First introduced in the British Empire in the 18th century, this type of conservatories became a common fixture in Georgian mansions.

These conservatories typically have a polycarbonate roof for increased insulation and controlling light flow. With their unique architectural style, sunroom conservatories are well suited for sunny climates. They contain beautiful framed windows and multi-lock mechanisms on the doors.


Edwardian conservatories tend to be very spacious and in many cases can be more practical then Victorian conservatories, owing to the simple floor plans which are typically square or rectangular shaped. Edwardian conservatories can be built in a range of unique styles all of which feature the typical Edwardian convectional style. Solid panels can be fitted to great effect and additional textures can be added using low level brick work which can enhance the conservatories overall appearance. A popular design for Edwardian conservatories is to use full height glass panes on the sides and double hipped roofs for extra height, provided it does not exceed the highest wall of the main property. conservatory roof replacement

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