Men’s Boxershorts

With so many direct-to-consumer underwear brands now vying for your attention, the options for men’s underwear have never been more varied. But the best underwear for you depends on a number of factors, including your body type. If you’re on the chubby side, boxershorts provide a bit of extra padding and help your legs look muscular and trim. For skinnier guys, they’re less revealing than briefs and won’t highlight their pain points.

For those who fall somewhere in between, trunks are a great choice. They offer the snugness of boxer briefs and sit on your thigh like briefs. They’re also breathable and don’t ride up, making them ideal for long days in the office or wearing under shorts when you head out to a backyard party.

Gripper boxershorts are similar to standard boxer briefs but have snaps, usually 3, on the waistband yoke to open them up wide. Yoke front boxershorts, on the other hand, have narrow cloth tapes on either side of the waist yoke that can be tightened and tied to fit the waist.

And for those who still want to wear briefs, we’ve got plenty of those too. Some, like Tommy Hilfiger’s Y-front briefs, feature the comfort of an elastic waistband with a thong back and full length legs. Others, like the slim fit of our cotton Micro Modal Jockey briefs, cinch tightly at the front and have just enough fabric in the back to provide support. They’re so comfortable and soft, you’ll want to wear them all day and’s bamboo boxershorts

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