Kid Birthday Party Game Ideas – 7 Proven Winners

They’ll have lots of fun with this one and they’ll even be still for a short time.

Have all your party guests move to the center of the room. Start playing some music related to your theme. Have your guests start moving in silly positions and dancing around. Then stop the music and have all your guests freeze like statues. Anyone who moves is out. Start the music again and have your party guests start moving in silly positions and dancing again until the music stops. Have them freeze like statues again. Keep repeating this until only one person is left. The last remaining party guest is the winner.

Crazy Mixed Up Message Relay

A kid birthday party game idea that will have them laughing!

Have all your guests sit in a circle. Have your birthday child think of a silly phrase or sentence related to your party theme. Your birthday child whispers the message to the child on their right. That party guest whispers the message to the child on thier right until the message goes all the way around to the person sitting just to the left of your birthday child. That guest repeats the message out loud… The birthday child then tells everyone what the original message was. Everyone then gets a turn to come up with a message. The more the message gets mixed up, the more fun it is.

Pass The Gift – Open The Gift

Hot Potato In Reverse!

Before your party, wrap up a small toy or some candy that all the kids will want. Then wrap it up again and again and again, over and over again in layers. You can even wrap up boxes within boxes. Anything to make the game go on for a while to build excitement. Have all your party guests stand in a circle. Start playing your theme related music and have the first child unwrap the first layer. Then the second child unwraps the next layer until one of the guests unwraps the last layer and the gift is revealed. That child wins the gift.

What In The World Am I?

A great kid birthday party game idea for everyone.

Tape a picture on each child’s back. You can cut out pictures from magazines or just about any other source. The pictures can be characters from your birthday party theme, or it can be pictures of animals or bugs. Have your guests start asking each other questions to find out “what in the world they are”. But the questions can only be answered with a “yes” or a “no.” Questions like “do I have wings?,” “am I brown,” or “do I have legs?” The child who guesses “what in the world am I” first is the winner.

Los A Socks

How many socks can you put on?

Get a whole bunch of socks. They don’t even have to match. Place the same number of socks in two bags, or two baskets or two boxes. Line up your party guests in two teams. Start your party theme music and give the first players on each team just 30 second to put on as many socks as they can. When you stop the music, they must stop putting on socks. Then count each child’s socks. The one with the most socks wins. Keep track of each teams sock count and when the last two party guests have played, the team that put on the most socks wins the prize. Have your party guests remove thier shoes before you play so they can put on the socks. This kid birthday game is always a favorite. custom grip socks

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