Job Interview Preparation

Job interview preparation is the process of reviewing your skills, qualities and attributes, identifying those that match the requirements of the job and creating examples from past experiences to demonstrate these. This will help you to answer behavioral interview questions that focus on your ability to do the job, such as “tell me about a time when you showed initiative” or “tell me how you would handle a difficult situation”.

Researching the company is also a key part of this, which helps to demonstrate enthusiasm for the role and shows your interest in the organization. This research can be done through their website, social media channels and even past employees on LinkedIn. It’s important to be aware of any changes or updates that may affect the business and how you perform.

It’s also worth thinking about the personal aspects of the interview, such as how you arrived at this point in your career and what your plans are for the future. Having an idea of what you want to achieve and how this fits with the company’s vision will enable you to deliver a compelling answer when asked about your short-term goals or where you see yourself in five years.

It’s also useful to prepare an introduction or elevator pitch that quickly outlines who you are and why you’re suitable for the role. This can be delivered during the introductory stage of the interview, such as before you sit down with the panel or when the recruiter is introduced to you. Job interview preparation

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