How to Create and Manage Youtube Playlists

youtube playlist are a great way to organize videos into a series that can be watched in order. They can be used for anything from promoting a video series to educating viewers about a topic. Playlists can also be shared with other users making them a powerful tool for driving engagement and views. Whether you’re a YouTube creator looking to expand your reach or an established business trying to connect with customers, creating and managing playlists is one of the easiest ways to do it.

When you create a new playlist, you’ll be prompted to give it a title and description. It’s best to make the description as descriptive as possible so your audience can know what to expect from the playlist. It’s also a good idea to include keywords in the playlist name and description as this will help your playlist rank higher on search results.

You can add videos to a playlist by searching for them, pasting in a video URL or browsing through your own YouTube videos. Once you have the videos that you want to add, click “Add Videos”. Then you can reorder the videos in the playlist by dragging and dropping them up or down. The playlist will update to show your new order.

Once you’ve added all the videos you want to your playlist, you can give it a unique thumbnail by selecting a video from within the playlist and clicking “Set as playlist thumbnail”. You can also click the three dot menu and select “Collaborate” to share the playlist with others. This allows them to edit the playlist as well.

The next option in the menu is “Playlist settings”. This opens up a window that lets you set various on/off options for your playlist. This includes allowing your playlist to be embedded on other websites, automatically positioning newly-added videos to the top of the playlist running order and setting the playlist as a Series Playlist which tells YouTube that this is an official series of videos that should be watched in order.

Sharing your playlist is as easy as selecting the icon that resembles a chain and choosing the social media platform that you want to share it on. When you do, YouTube generates a link to the playlist which you can copy and paste into a chat tab or as a status update on your social profile.

Once you’ve created your playlist, you can access it by clicking the left sidebar on YouTube and selecting “Playlists”. To edit a playlist click the pencil icon and then you can change the title, description or reorder the videos in the running order. You can also choose to rename the playlist or delete it completely. You can also use the “More” option in the right-hand corner to see advanced editing functions such as autoplay and looping. Using these features you can really tailor your playlist to your audience’s viewing habits and enhance the user experience.

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