How to Carry Out a Water Tank Repair

If you have a water tank that’s beginning to show signs of ageing, you should consider carrying out a water tank repair. This is a much better option than replacing the whole tank, as it’s cheaper and far more effective to fix leaking tanks and containers than to build new ones. However, it’s important to understand that repairing a water tank isn’t as easy as it sounds. Every type of water tank is made from a different kind of plastic, and each one requires its own specific method to be repaired.

To start a water tank repair job, you need to drain the water tank and clean all surfaces. It is important to remove any contaminated material as well as the old coatings. You should also clean the interior of the tank and fill it up with fresh water before completing the repair.

Next, you need to identify the location of the cracks in your tank. Once you’ve done this, you can begin to fix them. Firstly, you should clean the cracked area with soap and water and then dry it. After this, you should rough up the surface to help the repair materials adhere. Then you need to apply an epoxy that has been created for use on plastics and follow the product’s instructions.

Once the epoxy has dried, you can then apply a stainless steel mesh patch. You should heat it up so that it can adhere to the leaking area. Once the patch is in place, you should compact a 7 cm thick layer of concrete onto the weld mesh and plaster it the same day. water tank repair

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