Home Care Dorchester

Home Care Dorchester is a flexible service that allows you to have a fully qualified carer come to your home and assist you with daily tasks, from simple companionship through to bathing, dressing and medication reminders. It’s a great alternative to moving into a residential or nursing home, and the best part is that it can be organised around your specific needs. Care visits can be from just 30 minutes up to several hours, and can be on a short or long term basis.

The Average Cost of Home Care
The cost of home care varies across the country and is determined by the region’s cost of living. “The cost of home care is often much lower in metropolitan areas compared to rural areas,” says Fred Johnson, CEO of Team Select Home Health. However, it can also be more expensive in urban areas due to higher costs of living, Johnson notes.

Some people use Medicare to cover home health services, but it is important to understand what exactly is covered by the program. Standard home care assistance and companionship services are not typically covered, because Medicare considers them to be custodial rather than healthcare services. However, personal care services can be covered by Medicare if they are provided together with home health services that are prescribed by your doctor.

Other people use private insurance or personal resources to pay for home health care. When choosing a policy, be sure to read the fine print and look for a coverage period that is shorter than 90 days, advises Deanne Belcher, RN, regional director of business development at The Key Home Health Agency. Home Care Dorchester

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