Free Advice on Employment Law

A New York City employment lawyer can help you with your free legal consultation by ensuring your rights are fully assessed and protected. This could include ensuring you get the wages you deserve, privacy in the workplace, and safety on the job. Contact the Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm to discuss your case with an experienced New York employment attorney.

There are a wide range of labor laws that both employers and employees must follow. It’s important to consult an employment attorney before you make any big decisions that might affect a number of workers, such as layoffs or a pension plan change.

The federal government sets the minimum wage, dictates how long breaks must be, and specifies other work-related standards. Many states also have their own employment laws. These might set different break times, for example, or impose a higher minimum wage than the federal standard. Some state laws might even regulate the way you can be fired or what types of notice you must receive before being terminated.

An employee may decide to file a claim with the EEOC or other agency for retaliation, pay discrimination, or sexual harassment, for instance. In this scenario, the worker must usually go through some kind of adversarial process before a court or other tribunal rules on the case. Before hiring a lawyer, you can check the attorney’s background with Martindale Hubbell, which rates attorneys (peer-rated, not purchased). You can also contact your local bar association to see if any disciplinary actions have been taken against the attorney. free advice employment law

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