Doctor Ratings

Doctor-Ratings Methodologies
Each establishment uses its own methodology with regard to offering doctor ratings. Now more than ever, companies design their own back-end proprietary software applications to better serve their customers. From search-engine technologies to doctor-ratings technologies, the message is clear: It has only begun. Where Can I Find Doctor Ratings?Some companies allow you to search their free doctor-ratings databases. These databases generally offer limited ratings, however, and usually are compiled from patients’ ratings. The good news about these services is that the information is mostly free; on the other hand, you get what you pay for.

Doctor-Rating Process
Here’s what some companies are doing: They design and input data into a database. Then they design, code, optimize, and publish templates, so that when John Doe searches for a doctor on any search engine, the template webpage for each doctor will rank high on search engines. How is this accomplished? First, the company mustget the search engine “spider” to crawl its templates and index the database of doctors’ names, so that when the particular doctor’s name is searched, the template page will be available, and the patient/consumer can rate the doctor. Then, the information is channeled and compiled to that specific doctor’s profile. The problem with these systems is that they can be easily manipulated; therefore, the information tends to be inaccurate or outdated.

Quality Doctor-Ratings Process
Systems are designed to find and analyze a doctor’s rating through a series of categories, such as:

• Disciplinary actions

• Malpractice judgments

• Internship, residency, and fellowship training

• Membership affiliations

• Board certifications

• Publications

• Special expertise

• Additional training

• Recognition awards

These factors are important to consider in determining a doctor’s overall rating analysis.

New Century Doctor-Ratings
As the new century unfolds and companies continue to expand their execution services, advanced applications will continue to be designed. Although methodologies do vary, mimicking the way credit bureaus use their ratings system for credit scores, and applying some of those methodologies to a doctor-ratings application might be just what the doctor ordered.

Free Doctor Ratings
Although it’s beneficial to browse the free doctor-ratings sites to gather information, it’s always best to collect relevant information from credible establishments that specialize strictly in providing doctor-background reports. Ultimately, you may find that taking this extra step is worth the money charged for the service.

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