Divorce & Family Lawyers

Divorce and family law are two of the most sensitive and complicated areas of the legal field. As a result, it’s important for individuals who are facing these issues to work with attorneys who have the right experience.

Potential divorce & family lawyers can help clients with various matters, including custody, support, and property division. They may also advise clients about prenuptial agreements and estate planning. In addition, some attorneys handle domestic violence cases and restraining orders.

The laws governing property division vary by state, but most allow for an equitable distribution of assets between spouses. Factors taken into account include: each spouse’s earning power and career; services rendered as a homemaker; debt; fault; and the length of marriage.

When it comes to child custody, the court may determine both legal and physical custody. Typically, the judge will decide which parent has primary custody of the children and make major decisions regarding their upbringing. Custody may also be based on age and health of the child, which can impact visitation rights.

Manchanda Law Office PLLC handles family-related legal disputes in New York City. The firm represents clients in contested and uncontested divorces, child custody, spousal support, and mediation cases. Its founder and principal lawyer have over 40 years of combined experience in handling divorce-related matters. In addition to this, the firm specializes in litigation, personal injury, internet defamation, and commercial law. It has worked on a variety of high-profile cases involving renowned institutions like New York University and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. אמיר בר לב

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