Designer Bags – What’s The Average Price?

Designer bags are the ‘in’ thing today. Everywhere you go, you now see both men and women carrying high-end luxury brand bags slung across their shoulders. Designer bags are so popular today that recently I even got cupcakes made with those little LV bags designed on them!

All of these are cute little spoofs of the original designer bags available today. However, what happens when you walk into a store and actually ask for the price of these bags? You’ll be a little short of gasping for breath when you hear the number of zeroes on the right.

Choosing the Right Designer House

When choosing designer bags, remember that prices of designer bags also depends on the designer. You could pick a Michael Kors or a Louis Vuitton or the prestigious Hermes, but you should know which one is more affordable. Prices of these bags also comes with a certain class and style attributed to them. For example- if you pick a Louis Vuitton, it is bound to be more expensive than a Prada or a Michael Kors.

Why Do These Designer Bags Cost So Much?

Back in the day when luxury brands started out with their collection of bags, it wasn’t that much of a big deal. However, today with inflation rising at a super fast pace and the cost of leather going up, it is little wonder that the price of these bags fall into thousands of dollars. The Louis Vuitton ‘speedy’ handbag, for example, today starts at $855 while a bag from Louis Vuitton’s latest designer collection will cost you $4,250! You’ve got to pay a high price for that designer label and a bag that exudes elegance and is made of soft, Veau Cachemire leather.

Moving on to other luxury brands like a Dior or a Prada, a Lady Dior. These bags would typically cost you between $3900 to $4500. A Prada Suede or Calf Hair can cost you $2,730 to $4,300 and can even go as high as $9,600! You can buy some of these designer bags wholesale if you really want to save money. There are times when it’s difficult to get designs that you love when buying wholesale. If you do get to buy a wholesale designer handbag that you love, there’s nothing like it.

Another important thing that you should note is when a new season steps starts, designer bags will just get costlier. Each year the price of these bags have gone up 5-10% on an average and so you might just want to buy a wholesale bag soon.

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