Composite Doors – The Benefits of GRP Skins

For anyone who does not know already, a composite door is an external door used in homes, which is made up from a variety of materials instead of a singular material like wood or uPVC doors. These doors can be used as a back or front door and are designed with every need in mind. They are usually comprised of a uPVC frame, a wood frame, a thermal foam core and a GRP skin. GRP stands for ‘Glass Reinforced Plastic’, a plastic that is reinforced with fibres of glass. This article is going to discuss the benefits of using glass reinforced plastic in the production of doors.

The combination of glass and plastic provides a very durable yet lightweight material. Whilst plastic alone is prone to warping and discolouring, the addition of glass prevents these problems from occurring, as well as many more.

Glass reinforced plastic skins are available in several colours. Due to the combination of materials used, the colour will not fade like uPVC doors – it will remain bright and vibrant for many years. There is also the advantage that composite doors are easy to look after. When the door gets dirty, all you need to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth or sponge to clean it. No special cleaners or treatments are needed to keep the attractive and realistic wood-grain appearance looking smart. Unlike wooden doors, they are low-maintenance, never requiring sanding or painting. The sun, wind and rain will not affect the door like it would affect wood or uPVC. It has a high resistance to weathering and good UV protection, so the harsh rays of the sun will not discolour the door. The doors will not rot over time.

Security-wise, the door is incredibly tough. The strength of the skin prevents attackers from gaining access via the normal means. Where most doors would crack, a composite door would not even dent. This high resistance to dents and warping provides the highest security as well as insulation, gaps will not be caused by an ill-fitting door so your home will remain warm and weather-proof. The superb energy efficiency properties of composite doors will help reduce your homes energy bills and save you money.

Along with the longevity of the doors, which ranges between 33-35 years depending on situation and maintenance, the money-saving benefits add up to result in a door which is actually far cheaper than most on the market. Most people do not consider this fact when looking for a cheap door. Because composite doors are relatively new to the home improvement industry, many consumers do not know what they are and just assume that they are in the same league as uPVC doors. For this reason, many buyers opt for the cheaper option of uPVC, not realising that spending a little more on a composite door could work out cheaper in the long run. conservatories south Wales

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