Adding Custom Grip Socks To Any Regular Pair Of Socks Can Take Your Brand To The Next Level

Adding custom grips to any regular pair of socks can take your brand to the next level. With over 300 million yoga practitioners worldwide, incorporating your branded design into this popular activity is a great way to align with an industry built on wellness and sustainability, ensuring your business keeps its foot in the door.

Grip socks, also known as non-slip grip socks or silicone-soled socks are gaining popularity in fitness activities, sports and for use around the house to help minimise slippage on tiled surfaces like kitchens and bathrooms. Essentially, these socks have a layer of silicone added to the sole that creates a grippy surface which can be printed or embroidered with your logo.

The grip socks are made from a soft, comfortable and sweat-wicking blend of synthetic fibres (like nylon and lycra) and cotton and feature a fine pattern of silicone arrows on the bottom of the sock which is printed or embroidered with your bespoke design. This is what makes the grip socks stand out from traditional socks.

The grip socks have been designed to enhance your football performance and to provide stability and comfort when playing. They prevent internal slipping of the foot inside the shoe which can slow your movements and can cost you that crucial second’s edge that makes all the difference between crushing defeat and thrilling victory. The specialised grip on the sole of these socks improves contact between the sock and shoe, making it less likely to slip inside the shoe, resulting in more agile, fluid movements. custom grip socks

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