A Silver Kiddush Cup

A silver Kiddush cup is the perfect item for anyone who wants to have something special to use during Jewish holidays and events such as bar mitzvahs or weddings. These beautiful items are also great Judaica gifts and are often handed down from generation to generation. A Kiddush cup can be made of a variety of materials including anodized aluminum pewter, sterling silver 925, or onyx stone but the halacha is that it must hold at least 3.2 ounces (95 ml) of liquid. These cups can be engraved with etchings and paintings such as stars of David, lions, vines, flowers or other designs that are associated with the Jewish faith.

The inscriptions on these cups usually give the name of the person who commissioned the piece or the family that owns it. They can also have a prayer written on them which is commonly used for a wedding ceremony. These etchings and paintings can be quite elaborate and are often done by hand rather than being machine engraved.

It is important that a person who says a prayer such as Kiddush be completely in their right mind. They should not be under the influence of alcohol, smoking or taking drugs because this can contaminate their Kiddush cup and cause them to say the wrong blessings.

When you use a silver Kiddush cup it is important to wash the outside of the cup before each use. It is also a good idea to wash the inside of the cup with water after using it as well to ensure that there are no leftover residues from previous uses. Silver is a natural antibacterial metal that can kill germs and it is considered ideal for the use of a Kiddush cup. כוס קידוש מכסף

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